Wild Play! Summer Camp

Program Information

Each camp session is 2 weeks long, Monday through Friday, 9am – 2pm each day. Our program offers two styles to accommodate those new to the woods and those who come back with experience. 

Basic Camp

  • Ages 7 to 11
  • Tuition for both weeks is $415
    • Early Bird pricing of $395 is available until February 15, 2019

Advanced Camp

  • Ages 10 to 13
  • Must have either attended a previous summer camp or a year long program and be knife certified
  • Kids will camp out on the first Thursday of the session
  • Tuition for both weeks is $455 
    • Early Bird pricing of $415 is available until February 15, 2019


Our camp sessions take place at Earthsong, 100 gorgeous wild acres full of different environments and habitats just 20 minutes from downtown Athens


  • Session One: June 17-21 & June 24-28, 2019
  • Session Two: July 8-13 & July 15-19, 2019
Registration for this program is s now closed.
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These days it seems we have a pretty biased view of what “wild” means. What image comes to mind when you think of a “wild animal”? Is it insane, unpredictable, scary? How about when you think of specific wild animals – deer, possum, squirrel, cardinal, coyote, bear, mouse. Have you ever observed these animals? If so, would you describe them as frantic and crazy? How about wasteful? At Wild Intelligence, we will stick with the definition given from dicitonary.com:

Wild - adjective, wilder, wildest. living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated: a wild animal; wild geese.

We are taking back the meaning of wildness to reflect the true qualities of wild creatures: observant, resourceful, hardy, independent, felicitous. Now that’s what our Wild Play summer camps are all about! 2016-06-30-10-22-34-2 We engineer like beavers, track like coyotes, and play like river otters. We belong in this world just like the animals do, and our camps provide hands on, experiential learning about the natural world we live in. Whether it’s fire-building and cooking wild plants, fishing, tracking, basket making, carving – our focus is empowerment and connection through crafting, resourcefulness, play, and imagination.

The basic structure of a typical day at summer camp is a gathering time as everyone arrives, then heading into the woods together for an opening circle where each of us shares something we are grateful for. In our morning circle we share stories, check ins and reminders for the coming days, and any other ‘wild business’ we may have for that day. The purpose of this is to bring our minds together – to all arrive in the same place in the woods like a proper council of wild animals. In the mornings there will generally be focused activities consisting of crafting, tool making and using, skill building, running and hiding games, as well as community time.

We offer different ways to engage in our activities depending on the day. Some days we are in clans (which are generally age based groupings), choice based guilds – where each camper gets to choose their activity among the skills and crafts being offered, and larger community days filled with hiding games, running games, a talent/un-talent show, and the TRADE BLANKET! Our community days focus on multi age groups where our older campers intermingle with our younger campers having an opportunity to role model and mentor their innate wildness. The talent/un-talent show is a chance to practice being in front of an audience of our peers to be silly or serious in a supportive environment. The Trade Blanket is a our final community gathering where campers and mentors can share their found treasures or hand made treasures for other treasures.

After lunch in the heat of the afternoon we head down to the Middle Oconee River to explore, cool off, and play water games. This is a time for connection to one another and for a more free time for campers to discover their wildness in the water and sun.

Program Registration

Registration for the 2019 year is now closed. Please join our newsletter to learn about future program registration dates.