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Thirteen years ago Evan McGown, founder of Wild Intelligence, set out on a path fueled by a desire to connect children with the natural world. From his initial dream, Wild Intelligence has grown into a thriving, secure non-profit. To date, over 900 people, ages 4 to 65, have participated in our programs. We offer seven year round programs, five summer camp options, and numerous other classes. Wild Intelligence also partners with the State Botanical Gardens, local elementary schools, teacher training programs and area artists to bring nature connection activities to a broader population. We are thriving, but we want to do more. And with your tax deductible donation, we can.

  • Outreach. We want to bring the principles of deep nature connection to our community, to meet folks where they are. We want to partner with more school-based enrichment programs, after school programs, and community organizations. Every day we see the difference that WI makes in the lives of children and adults. We want to share the beauty of nature connection and make our programs accessible to more people.
  • Leader development. The quality of Wild Intelligence programs is directly correlated to the intensive training and preparation of our leaders. We refer to our unique style of leadership as mentoring because it is a dynamic, ever-changing style of leadership that frankly requires a wholehearted investment on the part of the mentor. On any given day, a leader may need to utilize skills in the areas of compassionate communication, community building practices, “hard skills” such as fire making, hearth cooking, building natural shelters, tracking and hunting, edible and medicinal plants. We not only want to continue to provide world class training to our existing mentors, but we want to develop new leaders, including teens. Your donation will be used directly in the community to train new mentors in the programs that Wild Intelligence already offers.
  • Land. From our earliest days, we have partnered with Orange Twin conservation to offer programming. But we have grown and now is the time to move to land of our own, to put down roots and develop resources to serve our community.

Wild Intelligence is more than just a curriculum or a set of programs. It is a framework for personal and community healing through nature-based connection. We invite you to partner with us. Let’s take a walk. Let’s listen to the peals of laughter as children play games in the forest. Let’s smell the first smoke off a friction fire. Let’s watch wildlife and learn their language. Let’s feel the deep stillness as a group of adults opens to the wisdom of connected sharing. We have listened and we hope you will join us in this grand, wild adventure, right here in our own backyard.

Wild Intelligence Board of Directors

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