Forest Caterpillars After School

Program Information

  • Ages: 4 to 6
  • Monday afternoons, 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm at McBride Family Farm
  • Season: September 2018 through early April 2019
  • Tuition: $950
    • Early bird pricing: $902.50 until August 15th
    • Payment plans are available if you need to spread your payment out over 6 months
    • See our payment policy online here

We are accepting mid-year registrations

Tuition: $547 or three payments of $189

Forest Caterpillars Afterschool will be held at McBride Family Farm in Winterville, GA. McBride Family Farm is home to both Big Creek Herb Farm as well as the McBride’s Blueberry Farm. There are fields for running and playing games, a shady spot by the creek, and a wet woodland to explore - along with getting to know the plants that grow in the fields there. .We will practice our awareness skills, craft, build fires, tell stories, and expand our knowledge of the plants animals that live around the Family Farm.

Just as a small silk caterpillar transforms into the great imperial moth, the Forest Caterpillars engage our curiosity, reminding us that something incredible is always on the horizon. For this age group, every moment is precious and full of wonder. Their focus is clear. Their determination can not be rivaled. As mentors, we look forward to guiding Forest Caterpillars on the most important mission for the day – PLAY.

In Forest Caterpillars stories are often the best teachers. Imagination is everything, and creativity pours sout of our hands– there is a whole world out there to discover. We share tools and tricks with the Forest Caterpillars to help them relate to nature and live in it fully. Logs are a world of wonder in the eyes of a Forest Caterpillar – there could be anything under it, growing on it or in it. Each rock in the creek tells the story of the sun in the way it catches the light. Every stick in the forest can be perfect for a fairy house. Muscadine vines are hanging down to be swung from and mud is not only for building moats around castles; it is also intended to be worn. This is the way we approach the Forest Caterpillars Program. Never only observing nature, but interacting with and experiencing it directly! We know that play is imperative to development both as an adult and as a child. This is why you can expect the mentors in the Forest Caterpillars program to meet the children right where they are with the same wide open heart. We marvel at the wonders of nature. We feel just as giddy when we hear a unique noise from behind a beech tree, or when a beetle crawls up our arm. We have endless questions to ask! We want to know, understand, explore, and still be curious enough to find out more! At Wild Intelligence we strive to learn from each other on our journeys each week in the woods.

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Program Registration

Registration for this program is closed for the 2018-2019 season. Please subscribe to learn when registration opens again.