Sarah Hubbard

Programs Director

Sarah is a native of Athens – where she currently lives on a small homestead with her husband Jason and their two children, India and Kalib. Growing up in Athens, she had the freedom to explore nature in all of its wonder, developing a strong, play-based relationship to the natural world. She went on to study Horticulture at the University of Georgia, as well as becoming a passionate student of herbalism and homeopathy, all of which she continues to study and practice today.

Sarah always dreamed of being a teacher. Her role in Wild Intelligence brings two of her greatest passions together. An insatiable desire to learn and share the knowledge and the wonders of nature. As the Programs Director she brings gifts of being a mother, organizational skills, years of experience of working with children, and a drive for connection to the larger Athens Community.

In her life at home, Sarah loves going to her sit spot everyday – learning the language of the birds and continually deepening her relationship to the earth. You can follow her sit spot practice on her daily blog at She is a prolific writer, amateur photographer, homesteader, and wild-crafter.  She feels her life is dedicated to the continued co-creation of a healthy world.