WI October Ramble – “I ain’t ‘fraida no rain”

contributed by Tommy Tye


Wild Intelligence recently held our first woodland Ramble! It was hosted by the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, and a great time was had by all.

All three of us.

You see, the rain had been coming down in buckets, raining cats and dogs. It was a real toad-strangling gully-washer.

OK, hopefully I have all the cliches out of the way.

But in case you were wondering, I wasn’t joking when I said our Rambles will happen rain or shine. With all that wind and rain, and more in the forecast, what could we possibly expect to see or do on a woodland ramble?

Well, our Rambles are your chance to see the forest through the eyes of a Wild Intelligence mentor, and to share in our excitement and curiosity about nature. No two Rambles will be the same. Here is a tag cloud of our experiences on this one:

tracking, tree identification, landscape history, ecology, sit spot, scat id, plant id, edible and medicinal plants, bird language, stalking, body radar, art of questioning, micro and macro search image, using all the senses, nest finding, mycology, natural navigation, deer biology, entomology, deep nature connection, logical and intuitive trailing, philosophy and ethics of connective practice

If that looks interesting to you, don’t feel left out. We will have another Ramble on December 13. Stay tuned for more info.

Till then, check out these pics from our Photo Journal:

mushroom collage for fall ramble post



After all the rain, there were so..







photo taken by Tommy Tye


Ever wonder why some acorns fall while they are still green?

Ever wonder how the tree knows when to ditch ‘em?



5 animal trail


Can you see the animal trail?

Who made it?

Where are they going?


6 nest



We found nests of two different birds.

This bird must have been so tiny.

Can you imagine this nest hanging down between the forks of a small branch?

7 aphids



What kind of little Dr. Seuss critter is on this Beech tree?

What are they doing?


8 chanterelle



Mmmm, tasty!


Or am I a not-so-tasty look-alike?



9 scat


These scat were nearly 3 inches long.

Are there hogs at the Bot Garden?


10 smartweed



You’d have to be pretty Smart to know this Weed.


11 eaten mushroom



We found scads of these white mushrooms, all on top of fallen logs and partially eaten.

What’s going on here?


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