What my 30 days looks like

contributed by Sarah Hubbard

My life is busy – like crazy busy.  It’s not always easy to make sit spot happen.  I am goal oriented, so taking 30 days and committing to it keeps me motivated.  When I get slack these 30 days are a great reminder that sit spot is what I make of it, that I am human like everyone else, and most importantly that 5 minutes here and there can be enough.

Here’s what a 30 day sit spot challenge looks like for me.

2015-09-07 09.15.46The first 3 or 4 days I start out pretty strong.  I roll out of bed early – usually before the first bird sings its morning song to the sun.  I have to get up earlier than I usually do – I pay for it on day 5 because even though I’m getting up earlier I typically forget to adjust my bedtime.  

Day 5 I yawn all day and get grumpier by the minute (My kids hide in their rooms on Day 5).

Day 6 I manage to get up on time, but fall asleep early on the couch and don’t get any of my evening chores done.

Day 7 I have to sleep late because when I woke up to go get in2015-09-04 21.39.18
my bed I couldn’t get back to sleep. I’m restless the rest of the night and now I have to figure out
how to squeeze it in later.  

Parking lot while running errands? That’ll do.

Days 8 and 9 are a real struggle – once I get behind I stay behind.

I pour a glass of wine and begrudgingly go sit under the pines in the front yard.

Days 10 and 11 it rains. I really love being out in the rain but, it’s hard to be soaking wet first thing in the morning. Inevitably, because I’m in the struggle zone I realize work is beginning to pile up, so it’s 10 minutes walking the dogs between rain showers and 10 minutes picking vegetables today.

Day 12 is about theFullSizeRender (4) time of my challenge I get rewarded for my determination and I see something cool that keeps me motivated.

Thanks to the Hawk I am now obsessing over and the deer grazing just up the hill from me days 13 – 20 are pretty easy. (Wild animals are great motivation)

Then, the inevitable day 21 rolls around.  Sometime during my sleep I realize I have WAY over scheduled myself today. I’ve made a list of everything I need to get done – all while ‘sleeping’ of course… The sun rises, the list floods my mind beginning with that really important email I was supposed to send parents two days ago. Sit spot is officially on the back burner until all this stuff is done. Today sit spot is disconnecting for me.  I put fresh seed in one of the bird feeders and leave the front door open while I melt into the couch and call it  D.O.N.E. at the end of the day.

I begin consider letting this challenge go…2015-08-21 14.17.00

Day 22 is usually an incredible morning – my efforts from the previous day are typically rewarded with a thick morning fog and total silence where I sit – it’s just me and the crickets.

Day 23 and Day 24 are beautiful and slow.  (Thank goodness for weekends!)

Day 25 I jump out of bed to the sound of alarming Cardinals. I dash outside just in time to catch a buck chasing a doe and that hawk on the heels of the doe!  Score!

Day 26 we oversleep – even the dogs don’t wake up to be fed.  We rush around barely making it to school on time. Thanks to the grumpy teen who has no lunch I remember I haven’t been to the grocery store in three weeks – oh… that’s what I gave up it seems.  The nice long lecture I got on the way to school because we had to stop at Chick Fil A for breakfast (and her lunch) does the trick.  I’m off to the grocery store and making my list and meal plan in the parking lot.  While I’m in the grocery store my phone rings and… we have a sick kid – how did I miss that?  

2015-07-12 13.01.21I have officially entered into the day with no break…

It’s a hard work day…

And my bad attitude doesn’t help.  

To make matters worse I go into the kitchen to make dinner to discover in my haste I put the chicken legs we were going to have for dinner in the freezer. Even though I just went to the grocery store – guess it’s family pizza night.  Can you feel my anxiety?  Even writing it I’ve got a big ball of it in my belly.

This is when I have to have to pull out my super woman.  We go get pizza and while the boy pulls the X-Files up on Netflix I offer to put the chickens away for the night.  I take in the weather, look around at the garden, take a deep breath, and another day is complete.  

Take that Day 26.  Whew.2014-06-21 21.27.57

Day 27 isn’t any easier.  It seems once I am in panic and rush mode I stay that way.  I squeeze it in by watching the sparrows that live in the trees in the parking lot at Target.  (will the weekend ever come?)

Day 28… I am so close I can taste the finish line.  I manage to get up on time.  I can feel the cool air beginning to settle closer to the earth, leaves are falling.

I remember why I do this.  Why it is important to me.  

Then it’s on to the finish line.  And usually past.  (the longest I’ve gone is 95 days in a row – I usually manage to squeeze it in even when we travel)

For me, sit spot is about intention.  Stopping for even 5 minutes can feel impossible.  

When I’ve only got 5 minutes I make it the best 5 minutes I possibly can.  

And… It brings me back to center and back to connection.

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