30 day Sit Spot Challenge

Contributed by Sarah Hubbard

Will you join me this year in a 30 day sit spot challenge?2014-04-10 13.01.27

Or a 30 day get outside and breathe for a moment challenge?

It will change your life and bring you closer to Earth and to yourself. Ask anyone who does it regularly. Ask me about it anytime. I love to tell stories about my sit spot and I love hearing other people’s stories and questions even more!

The first time I did it I almost didn’t make it all the way through. I started making excuses why I couldn’t and then around day 20 or so I saw my first coyote up close – really close – it also saw me. It was thrilling, unbelievable, scary, and glorious all at the same time. That was all it took. I was hooked to this sit spot thing.  It has become so much more than seeing all the cool animals I see on a regular basis or the stories I can tell. What I’ve learned is that I want to be friends with nature and learn from it so I could see more and understand more about it and more about myself.

5 years later I still have the practice – Lately though I’ve been a little slack.

I re-challenge myself yearly because that first 30 days showed me a way to slow down, unplug, and become one with something beyond myself.  And because I get slack about it like everyone else and I need something to kick myself back into gear.

I do it over and over again because it changed my life and continues to.IMG_0044

Since my first challenge, whenever I go which is still almost daily even as I enter the 5th year of it – my mind becomes clearer, I can think better and I am way more productive. The desire to live in a good way is stronger in me, I take better care of myself, and I try to take better care of the planet we call home. Not to mention there is so much happening out there I miss when I’m not there that I almost can’t even stand to be away.

I know 30 days seems like a long time to commit to doing something that takes you away from your ‘regular’ life. Who has time – even 5 minutes in our busy lives to do something like just go watch nature? Certainly not me – which is why I make myself take this challenge every year. And it isn’t any easier for me than it is anyone else.2014-10-09 18.47.00

The reason the challenge is for 30 days rather than other lengths of time is that it’s a month. It takes about a month to fully settle into the
practice. You start reaping the benefits almost immediately, but it takes time to build up to it being something you just have to do for yourself every day – and who doesn’t need to do a little more for themselves a little more often?

If 30 days is too long or too much commitment jump in anyhow and figure out what you want to do.

There are really no rules to this thing.

I just want you to go outside, sit down and breathe.

AND I want you to do it with me.

Go once a week for 10 minutes. Go 5 minutes in the parking lot of Target – there is a sparrow family that lives in the letters on the sign. Publix has sparrows also. Take your whole family and lay down on a blanket in the grass and watch the clouds. Check fa-tweet-agram. Just do it outside. If it’s raining and you’re not into getting wet open a window and look out it. That counts.

2014-10-02 16.57.39Do what works for you. There are no real rules of sit spot other than to do it. You have to do it however ‘it’ works for you.

We’ve got a facebook page that is already 70 members strong called Rooted: A Sit Spot Community. There we share our stories, observations, questions, photos, poetry – whatever as long as it pertains to our relationship with our sit spot. Please join us there if you want – I will be posting regularly during my challenge (it helps me stay focused). You can also use Instagram and #sitspot and #wildintelligence. We can look for one another’s posts.

And… if you are not into the social media thing and want to jump in with us anyhow please do! If posting photos or feeling like you have to report in makes it more of a challenge for you then do what work2014-09-20 09.39.17s for you!.

Go for 5 minutes a day or go for 40. Go 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. Go twice a week if that’s all you can do – go
when you can. Have a phone conversation outside rather than inside if you need to. Ideally, you just go with nothing and take a break. If you can’t do that then do what you can.

Just go outside and sit down.

It’s really that simple.

And… it really will change your life.

The spot doesn’t have to be pristine and beautiful like some perfect photo in a National Geographic magazine of Yosemite National Park. Your front porch is fine. A parking lot is fine.

If you have trouble figuring out what you need or what you can do – ask for help. If you need encouragement – get it. And don’t feel like you’re letting anyone down if you can only manage 5 minutes here and there. We ALL know what a busy world we live in.

2-rabbitHead2Most of us agree that getting outside is something we all need to do a little more often. Most of us also agree that we are way too busy and need to slow down. This is an invitation to do that to the best of your ability with other people who are also doing this to the best of their ability.

The official kick off is Oct 1, 2015 (makes keeping the count a little easier to start on the 1st rather than the 17th), but if that date doesn’t work for you join us when you are ready and able.

So… will you join me?

Are you in?

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