Fall Woodland Ramble

When: Sunday, October 4, 2015 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Where: State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Who: This Ramble is open to 12 intrepid and curious explorers aged 16 and up

Cost: $35 (register here)

Ramble: A walk taken for pleasure, especially in the countryside, typically without definite route or goal.

What could be more fun than that on a lovely Fall day? Well, rambling with friends of course!

Join Wild Intelligence mentors Bernard Cook and Tommy Tye for our Fall Woodland Ramble at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia.

This Ramble is open to serendipity. We might find feathers, tracks and hairs. We might learn about trees or plant medicines. Or how to move in the woods. We might eat something wild or discover who lives in that weird little hole in the bank. Or learn more about how Things Are Working Together.

And there could be: Dunh – Dunh – Dunh, Games!

The terrain is rolling, wooded hills. It is not particularly rugged, but we will not limit our wander to the trails. There may be fallen trees to cross and gullies to jump, Hot Diggity! The pace will be slow with lots of stops to examine what we find.

This Ramble is Rain-or-Shine! Wheeeeeeee!

image00What to Bring/Wear:

October weather can vary from quite warm to cool and wet. Bring rain gear if rain is in the forecast. If the weather is at all cool, we recommend that you dress in several thin layers of wool or fleece (not cotton), and wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes with thick wool or synthetic socks.

Please bring a full liter of water! A notebook and pencil will also be super handy. Optional items could include a camera, binoculars, snack and field guides for things that you are curious about. Bring what you need to feel comfy for a few hours in the woods, but don’t weigh yourself down.

And don’t forget to pack your curiosity. A willingness to get on your knees and LOOK is invaluable! Luckily that weighs nothing.

Please leave your animal companions at home.


You can find directions to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia online here.

We will meet at the first main parking lot right next to the Orange Trail. Please be prompt.

Don’t wait! Register here now >

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