Julie Hutchins

Youth Mentor

Julie’s roots are firmly anchored in Georgia and she often travels westward to explore the young mountains of Colorado and the PNW. She received a BA English Degree from UGA and is a double-graduate of Rubber Soul’s Adventure Club RYTT. At her home, she loves to nurture a garden, listen to birds, forage herbs, and take long walks and sit spots along the Oconee river. She believes the solitude of wilderness is vital to her well being. She loves to carry a pack, climb the gnarled crags of rocky peaks, and brave the snow. The intensity of the wild west and richness of southern soil have shaped her nature experience.

A daily dose of nature connection fuels her energetic lifestyle within the Athens community. She teaches yoga at the YMCA, Rubber Soul, and Let it Be. She is a self-taught artist specializing in painting, graphic design, and concert photography. She loves to cook for others and promotes plant based nutrition as a primary focus in preventing diseases. Her favorite family mantra is, “It is, what it is!”